Anna Banshchikova pregnant for the third time

Анна Банщикова беременна в третий раз The actress will soon become a mother. At the premiere of the painting “milky way”, which is presented in one of the Moscow theaters, a woman appeared in clothing, through which was visible rounded tummy.

      Анна Банщикова беременна в третий раз

      Star of the TV series “Bloodhound” Anna Banshchikova is preparing to become a mother for the third time. The actress appeared at the premiere of the film of Emir Kusturica “milky way” in volume outfit which barely concealed her rounded form. She avoided contact with journalists and did not pose like other celebs, on the background of the press-wall.

      However, how did you find the reporters, Anna is pregnant and she will have a girl. The actress has two sons, Misha and Sasha. The boys are walking to school and encouraging her famous mother success.

      According to Banshikova, it does not spoil their children. Sometimes the actress forbids the boys to eat too much candy, and sit for hours at the computer. And her husband Vsevolod, in contrast, often allows the sons of a lot of liberties, thus spoiling them. According to Anna, she has a perfect husband who helps her cope with the heirs, and occasionally doing some household chores. Banshchikova boasts that he can trust him cooking and even cleaning. As recognized by the woman, he loves her not for economy.

      According to “7 days”, an addition to the family will occur in the coming months. 41-year-old actress has no plans to stop working. During previous pregnancies Anna actively participated in the projects. However, Banshchikova tries not to part permanently with Misha and Sasha. She even took the boys to Noumea when it removed the closer.