Anna Banshchikova: “In six months my daughter has already played in the movies… boy!”

Анна Банщикова: «В полгода моя дочка уже сыграла в кино... мальчика!»
The star of the series “Sniffer” told about the first role of his daughter.

“Looks I’m not worried and natural age-related changes are not afraid. It seems to me, from facelifts and injections women do not look younger, and just stupid”

Photo: Philip Goncharov

A little over a year as Anna Banshchikova gave birth to her third child, and her daughter Maria have already made their debut in the movie.

“In six months Mary “played” the boy Wrocku in the third season of “Snoop” on the First channel, said Anna. — The plot where my character picks up the little boy. And we with the Director Dmitry Vladimirovich. Brusnikina decided: why we’re child to look for, when we have your hand — just the same age. I said, “Maybe things will change gender character, make him a girl, or at least a pink blouse with Masha take off?” — “But why?! laughed Dmitry. And then, imagine that Maria will grow up and will tell you what little she played the girl Olenka, for example. Who is interested? But if she will tell you that I played Yurochko, that’s cool!”

Because the child had only 15 minutes to be on the court, Banshchikova agreed. In the series before a little involved and her sons. Misha and Sasha (the first is 10, second 9. — Approx. ed.) played boys who live in the same yard with her character.

“Just shooting “Bloodhounds” took place in Gelendzhik, in summer. I, of course, took their children with them, so they stayed at sea. While I was at the site, they spent time with grandma and nanny. As they themselves filmed. I even thought to pay them a fee — out of pocket. Agreed with the casting Director, so she printed “statement” and that the boys signed. — the actress laughs. — How they liked it — they went after the receipt of “wages” is a very important and happy. And even bought us Masha gifts”.

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