Anna Ardova was discharged from the hospital

Анну Ардову выписали из больницы
The actress is recovering after undergoing surgery.

Anna Ardova

Popular actress Anna Ardova
discharged from hospital: this was stated by the Director of the Mayakovsky theater Oleg
Asarin. According to him, she had elective treatment and is now
at home, feels the actress perfectly.

On Friday evening in a press there were messages that Anna Ardova suffered serious
operation. Later came the details of the incident. Representatives of the theatre
Mayakovsky said that the rumors of severe kidney disease
exaggerated. And then the artist herself has published a statement on social networks
the state of his health. “I was on routine
survey. I’m fine, alive and well, thank God, with our strength,
hurrah!” — said Anna.

The news
emergency hospitalization scared the hell out of not only fans, but also colleagues,
as well as friends of the actress. Anna reassured all, assuring that alive and well, and
the clinical trial was planned in advance. In her microblog appeared
the video, which she recorded along with their two children: son Anton and daughter

Shortly before
this daughter Ardovs gave an interview describing what the relationship was her
mom with her husband, Alexander Shavrina, who died in December 2017. Went
rumors that Anna turned away from a seriously ill husband for some time before
as he passed away. Sophia says that the scandals in their house was not: between
parents have until recently maintained close communication. Even went
different apartments, the former couple managed without showdown. “It’s not
to explain, we do nothing has changed. We magic the Addams family. And
lived just women with women, and men with men. Me with my mom more comfortable.
I always had more contact, although the Pope was very fond of. And they loved each other
always — said Sophia. But it’s such a… spiritual love, spiritual
connection. Was supposed to start a different life. The children grew up, they did their
parenthood. But until the end remained close people!”

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