Анита Цой оказалась на грани анорексии
The singer brought diets almost to exhaustion.

Anita Tsoy

Photo: @Instagram anitatsoy Anita Tsoy

Anita Tsoy has decided to share with fans the story of his weight loss. The singer recalled how in 2005, in pursuit of harmony nearly drove himself to anorexia. The memories of Anita, on a strict diet she then sat before performances in the show “Anita”. In his microblog she posted a photo taken around that period and talked about how who managed to reason with her.

Then Choi was able to get down to a critical point in the 48 kilograms. However, looking in the mirror, Anita continued to be dissatisfied with their figure. “And it seemed to me that I complete. Had to bring anorexia to…” she admitted. The situation was saved by a friend of Choi, who advised her to stop “bullying” on her figure and abandon the diet. Friend almost forced Choi to start eating right and return the weight to 55 pounds.

Incidentally, Anita never hid the fact that the topic of weight loss she has a very uneasy relationship. Starting point of the struggle Choi with excess weight was the pregnancy of the actress. Then after the birth she recovered to 100 pounds and almost lost because of this spouse who, according to the singer, no longer perceive her as a woman. Thanks to his willpower Anita managed to bring your body in order, although the path to the result that spectators can watch in performance, the 45-year-old Choi, has been long and tortuous. But during this time she managed to gain invaluable experience and now have the ability to control not only your weight, but also give invaluable tips on losing weight for my fans.