Anita Tsoy lose weight for the company with his press Secretary

Анита Цой худеет за компанию со своим пресс-секретарем
The singer told about effective methods of dropping weight.

Анита Цой худеет за компанию со своим пресс-секретарем

Anita Tsoy

Photo: from the personal archive of Anita Tsoy

Press Secretary Sonia works from Anita Tsoy about six months, and
during this time, the girl under the leadership of singer got rid of 10 excess
pounds. “Former colleagues who have long known my Sonia, is now at the meeting
her gasp: “You literally melt away,” — says Anita Tsoi 7days. And sometimes a joke
ask her: “Anita, what are you so tortured?”. (Laughs). Sonia is still in the very
the beginning of our cooperation turned to me with a request to help her
to lose weight, I happily agreed, moreover, decided to keep her company”.

Anita impressive experience of struggle against excess weight. “My problems started 22 years ago when I gave birth
child — as well as our participating in the program “Wedding size”
the TV channel “Dомашний”,
which I am taking. Now we are shooting the second season, ” explains Anita. But then there was not this
transfer or professional nutritionists nor any available information in
press. During pregnancy I was told that now I have to eat at
two. The same advice was given to almost all nursing mothers. And I am a chubby,
it is genetic, my parents are large, with broad bone, and then I became a huge woman reached 110 kg. Since then my whole life is subordinated to
the fight against excess weight. Tried a lot of methods, some of them shared
with fans, when I asked about this. Heartily recommended
for example, the diet, thanks to which in 3 weeks has lost 5 kg And then came
answers: “you Know, Anita, it helped, but for some reason I no. It is curious that weight loss methods are almost all the same, with a few differences, but
the results and stories of weight loss can be quite different. It on the program “Wedding
size” I learned a lot of nuances, given which was able to give Sonia”.

Анита Цой худеет за компанию со своим пресс-секретарем

Anita Tsoy

Photo: @anitatsoy (Instagram Anita Tsoy)

Recall that participants in the program “Wedding size” —
couples over the years in marriage had lost its former passion, but amassed together extra pounds. To bring back the liveliness of the relationship and to help them lose weight
Anita Choi, a fitness coach Edward Kanevsky and nutritionist Ksenia Kuznetsova. “To lose weight
most effectively for the company, so Sonya wasn’t bored, I along with
her in March of this year went to a clinic to cleanse the body. We
stayed there for three days, ” continues Anita. Alone to fight with fat very hard. First
the night at the clinic Sonya stood with difficulty, because there is like horrible
we lay, his face buried in the pillow, and was ready to howl at the moon. But
tried each other’s encouragement, that helped”.

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  • Анита Цой худеет за компанию со своим пресс-секретарем
    Anita Tsoy


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