Anita Tsoy lives with her husband in a different house

Анита Цой живёт с мужем в разных домах

Famous Russian singer Anita Tsoi confessed that she and her husband Sergei live in different houses. The actress is confident that separate life has a beneficial effect on joint life and family relations.

Home of Anita and Sergei stand in the neighborhood at one site in the suburbs. The singer wanted to live separately from her husband, so as not to disturb him. Choi claims that he and Sergei live in different rhythms and both are very busy and under one roof they would be too closely.
“We have to plot a few houses: the house”mother-in-law and”mother-in-law” house”boss”, in which the husband lives, the house-“geisha”, where my son. We and all the guests hang out, and”host” all sports do, there we have a gym. So live that the Pope not to interfere, because I’m noisy, especially the nights – music, shows, everything rattles, rattles. Don’t know how my husband endured when we lived in the same apartment.
The husband rises early in the morning, went to Moscow… Son well with me: while he’s not married, I will feed-satiated and generally caress. Why would he want to dad? His dad builds all the time, brings up…” — said the star.
Anita – a long-time supporter of healthy eating, she now teaches his son, and already sees the result – the heir uses in food products, where a lot of fiber and less salt. Husband not long enough, he loves spicy Korean food, and fast food does not bring him joy. Eat Sergey cook, usually the mother. Anita of courtesy can eat a slice, praise, or just pretend to eat.