Anita Tsoy: “I have a feeling the pregnancy”

Анита Цой: «Я предчувствую беременность» Six months ago, Anita Tsoy hired your team of astropsychology, which discusses horoscopes and consults, taking people to work. The singer told “StarHit” about how she sometimes predicts the future subordinates, and revealed the secret of who protects her house.

      Анита Цой: «Я предчувствую беременность»

      With Anita we meet in one of the pavilions of “Mosfilm”. Together with the singer for an interview in the presence of her agent in Sofia. “We have recently a funny incident happened – starts talking artist. – Flew with Sonia to Iceland to shoot the video for “Aim for the heart”. Board the plane, I look at the assistant and know that her lost baggage. Say: “what will you do if your suitcase does not get to Iceland?” She had her eyes on the forehead climbed: “what?” And I have come to reassure her: “don’t worry, I have a lot of things, I will share with you!” And so it happened – the bag Sonya was not given, and for several days she was in my clothes.” In an interview with “StarHit” Anita spoke about the role of the supernatural in life and revealed the secret of who protects her house.

      “Another word scandal”

      Anita, you are a numerologist. Listen to her tips?
      Анита Цой: «Я предчувствую беременность»Clara and Kuzenbaeva I met this year before the 45th anniversary. She learned my name, surname, patronymic and came to the conclusion that the combination of Anna S. Choi draws me to the crime. It was decided to be Anita not only on stage and in life, but in the passport. Settle the formalities, I immediately felt improvement. At that time I was with the team was moved to another office and we went out skinheads. Stumbled, began to demand to give them the whole floor. I have sent them, but a few days later the lads came back, showered threats that I would be kicked out on the street… But – what a miracle! – cost to change passport racketeers are gone. A few days later I called their leader and apologized for the behavior of friends.
      Анита Цой: «Я предчувствую беременность»
      Six months ago you hired in the state of astropsychology. Why?
      Анита Цой: «Я предчувствую беременность»I never believed in horoscopes. In the late 90s one person made for me the forecast, but it is not true. Later, son gave me a book with an astrological description of each day of the year. After reviewing the information about the February 7 – the date of my birth, and realised that 80% of the described qualities – to a point. Then fate brought me astropsychology Anna guy, she began to give me advice. For example, could call and warn: “Today is a mercury retrograde, will want to fight and argue, it is necessary to behave in hands”. These days I try not to argue with my husband – I know that every extra word can lead to scandal. Now, I believe Anna will not hire a new employee until you discuss it with her horoscope.

      “I want to school Harry Potter”

      At what point were you drawn to the supernatural?
      Анита Цой: «Я предчувствую беременность»Even before my exit on the big stage in 1995, on the Arbat I saw a woman guessing on Tarot cards. I approached and asked to predict the future. Having spread out cards, the woman said that exactly two years waiting for me taking off like Victor Tsoi. Honestly, I didn’t believe her, because not even dreamed of such success – just graduated from the vocal Department in GITIS, before that, was the soloist in the choir of the Korean Presbyterian Church “the Singing angels”. But the words of the fortune teller turned out to be prophetic – two years later, on the Arbat, I made a video dedicated to Viktor Tsoi’s song “Flight”, which was included in the eponymous album. And in 1997, version of the musical prize “ovation”, was “the biggest opening of the year”.
      Анита Цой: «Я предчувствую беременность»
      Have your family there was someone with psychic abilities?
      Анита Цой: «Я предчувствую беременность»Mom’s entire life was an atheist and believed that my fascination with astrology and numerology – nonsense. But all members of our family have the gift of intuition. For example, I know immediately when one of my employees is pregnant, even if she has a period of a few weeks. I have these their ability to not stick out, not cultivated, but to be honest: if there were a school of Harry Potter, where he taught white magic, I would be sure it went. In my childhood I had seen movies on this subject and decided to test your mystical abilities. Took mom’s vase, climbed on the piano and threw it, the power of thought when ordering it to linger in the air. Good that I threw her on the couch where she, of course, and landed, and then can not escape a scolding from mom.—
      Do you have charms – domestic and those which are always with you?
      Анита Цой: «Я предчувствую беременность»I used to have a stuffed fawn Fluff to me at New year gave friends. It was the year 2000, a difficult period. I was invited to work in America, I went and experienced my first severe psychological stress not ladilis relationship with colleagues. Pooh then has become my salvation. Just start to get nervous, shoved his hand in his pocket, stroking the toy and it becomes easier. Today is my mascot – figurine Princess of silver, coral and ivory, presented by the sculptor Dashi by Namdakova. It stands on the table directly in front of the house protects the house from bad energy.

      Anniversary concert of Anita Tsoy “10/20” – 27 Oktyabrya in “Crocus city Hall”