Анита Цой рассказала о жестоком нападении
The singer shared terrible memories.

Anita Tsoy

Photo: @Instagram anitatsoy Anita Tsoy

Anita Tsoy in the framework
social action shared a story about a violent attack that survived in
childhood. According to the singer, she was a victim of sexual abuse at the age of just
only eight years. The incident has left a serious trace in the memory of the performer,
as a result of which it has long feared men.

This tragic story
happened to little Anita when she unattended his mum walked in
the yard. The children were playing hide and seek and at some point Choi decided to hide behind
the old garages, where she came across a man waiting for her. Strong
fright gave the future star of the stage to escape, as a result, according to Anita, stranger
attacked her.

The singer admitted that she
it took a long time to later forget about the incident. But she
found the strength to get through it, and managed to survive a vicious attack. Her story,
the opinion of Choi, is to help people who have experienced violence in your life. The campaign
which it took part, aims to give women the opportunity to share
the emotional pain of past violence.

Meanwhile, now the singer is busy working in no less a noble project. Choi leads the program, which helps couples to lose weight. With the start of filming Anita managed to help many applied to people with excess weight. Together with her project involves a professional fitness coach and nutritionist.

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