Анита Цой раскрыла секрет борьбы с морщинами Actress Anita Tsoy 46 years old, she does not hide her age and looks great. The reason is simple – proper nutrition and constant care for his body. The singer shared with fans her own beauty secrets and told us how she cares for the person.

Anita Tsoy has another business, another job. Singer and TV presenter will soon be able to call yourself an entrepreneur. Anita is preparing to launch its own cosmetic line which is based anti-aging agents. According to Choi, the efficacy of Korean facial products, creams, masks and emulsions proved by her own example. Anita says that all the products she tried. The actress appealed to its subscribers in the social network very simply: “Want to look like me, use what I use!”.

“Very soon I will be ready to reveal to you the secret of youth. Unfortunately, we are not getting any younger. I am 46! I think about their appearance every day and are looking for ways natural, anti-aging impact on your body. The experiments gave a good result, and I decided now to share it with you. Very soon, I open up a little, but the magic Cabinet, the walls of which will be a magical transformation of women,” admitted Anita.

However, some fans suspected the singer in the deceit. They began to meet the young face of Anita’s genetics, they began to accuse that the actress did plastic surgery. “Koreans by nature long no wrinkles. Anita disingenuous that such masochki can get rid of them… Genetics has not been canceled”, “a great mystery. Asians are not prone to aging, and that’s a fact”, “Plastics that do not hide! Blatantly cheating and cashing in on the fans!”

On all charges, Anita immediately responded large post, which said: “Plastics and there was not”. And added that no one is forcing you to believe in the product.

“Let each take independent decisions on the methods of recovery and rejuvenation of your body. I Express my point of view, as well as in music. And advocate natural beauty and natural methods. Someone they will fit and like it. Someone-no. And that’s fine,” wrote Anita.