Anita Tsoy has had a Royal beauty-the reception

Аните Цой оказали королевский бьюти-прием The singer made several cosmetic procedures at the same time. Thus Anita Tsoy has considerably saved time. In just two hours she managed to get a hair cut and color, manicure and pedicure, facelift and eyebrow correction.

      It’s no secret that trips to the beauty salons can be time-consuming, especially if you need to do lot of things at once. In the spring it is even more relevant than at other times of the year. Now many girls and women are beginning to smarten up, to look good and impress others with its beauty. Singer Anita Tsoy is no exception.

      The actress recently revealed to fans her beauty secret which allows her to not only lead yourself, but also to have time to do other things. Just two hours of the day Choi undergoes six different treatments — manicure, pedicure, facial massage, eyebrow correction, haircut and even hair color. Such a huge time saver is the result of work of several masters at the same time. While one of them paints the Choi hair, the other at the same time engaged in the manicure, and the third — pedicure. After the singer put paint on your hair, the therapist deals with the lifting of her face, and in the end the makeup artist adjusts her eyebrows. Anita during procedures was resting on the chair and enjoyed the process, listening to music and not being frightened by such an active cosmetic effect on her body.

      Subscribers Tsoi her methods Express pohoroshemu appreciated. The singer has received many compliments about its appearance and approach to beauty. “Supersbornik”, “You are very beautiful”, “Anita — good for you, saves time”, “How about you care,” “Class,” wrote the artist of enthusiastic fans.

      Video published by Anita Tsoy (@anitatsoy) APR 9 2016 11:44 PDT

      By the way, Anita Tsoi is not only a frequent visitor of beauty salons, but also the sports lover. At the age of 22, after the birth of her son, her weight was far from ideal. Then he was equal to 100 pounds. But Anita realized that I needed to take myself in hand, and sat on a diet, which helped her to lose dozens of extra pounds. This diet she was advised by the dietitian, who also controlled the process of weight loss Anita. In addition, in the same period of his life Choi loved physical activity, as they are the most effective way of fighting fat. Stars have their own personal trainer, motivating her to achieve great results in sport. Edward Kanevsky. In addition to teaching fitness, he also works as a TV presenter: Edward is the transfer of “Wedding size” together with Anita and a dietitian.

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