Anita Tsoy has built a house for my mom and mother-in-law

Анита Цой построила дома для мамы и свекрови The singer and her husband touching care about people. Anita Tsoy said that they decided to put two elderly women closer to himself. Every morning, the star is preparing Breakfast for three families, she loves to feed the family a delicious meal.

Singer Anita Tsoy this Saturday was the guest of the program “Relish” with Ivan Urgant. The singer, who is also known for his love of cooking, preparing live dishes: Cooksey seafood and Bok-Choi in Korean, and also spoke about Korean fast food.

During the program, the star admitted that she often cooks at home for his entire family. Not long ago, Anita Tsoy and her husband moved to his mothers. However, older women do not live in the same house with children. They built separate dwellings.

“I live at home two moms. We have built on the testimony of two houses” began to talk about his family, Anita Tsoy. “How cleverly you did that settled them!” – said Ivan Urgant. “And I do live in the third house, and the glory of God,” continued the singer. “Tell me, how high of a fence? Is there a moat? Electrical wire? – continued to joke on the theme of family relations Ivan Urgant.

“No. No fence. We’re all good. Every morning, I prepare and deliver food to them at home. I have a small bike with baranicka. I fold back portions of delicious food and breed,” – said Anita Tsoy.

Ivan Urgant was very surprised that the singer herself every morning in my kitchen. He spoke in the way that star is not supposed to do that. “What’s not the star people?” retorted the singer.

During cooking Korean dishes Anita Tsoi, Ivan Urgant, as usual, was trying to playfully comment on every step of their guest, asked questions and tried to make recommendations. And Anita was very serious and focused. “Koreans have a lot of ingredients, and I’m afraid to forget something, miss,” explained his behavior Choi. “Let’s do will silently prepare, in silence,” said Ivan Urgant.

“In my opinion, this is the standard of family life – when all is silent, anybody each other does not interfere,” said Anita Tsoy.

The singer was among the few celebrities who managed to create a strong and friendly family. Anita Tsoy many years perfectly combines career with roles beautiful wife, mother and daughter. The Choi family fully supports her, and also tries to protect from criticism from the envious. However, as recognized by the singer, it was not always so. All the years of concert activity, she had to make serious sacrifices. Only recently, the star was able to attain a balance in everything. Anita Tsoy: “Colleagues warned that nobody needs creative wife”