Anita Tsoy dreams about adding to the family

Анита Цой мечтает о пополнении в семье
The singer will soon be a new member of the family.

Very soon in the family of Anita Tsoy will appear “brand new”.
The singer gave the child a puppy, and it is not simple: it is about the dog of Buddhist monks
breeds Buryat-Mongolian wolfhound well. Five years ago, Anita gave
a puppy of the same breed in Ivolginsk

“Five years ago, XXIV Khambo Lama Damba ayusheev, Badmaevich
gave me a dog of Buddhist monks breed the Buryat-Mongolian wolfhound well.
Since then, Bair (home Well affectionately call him) lives at my house right
guards my peace, — says the singer. Today Khambo Lama gave
me another puppy — a purebred bitch is of the same blood. In a month it will arrive
me, but there you see, and before the wedding at hand. Branch well now
for a long time to take root in Moscow.”