Anita Tsoy: “Colleagues warned that nobody needs creative wife”

Анита Цой: «Коллеги предупреждали, что никому не нужны творческие жены» In honor of the anniversary of creative activity of the singer shared personal. Anita remembered how she developed her music career, and also said that the family could not understand such a choice.
Анита Цой: «Коллеги предупреждали, что никому не нужны творческие жены»

In 2017, Anita Tsoy celebrates the 20th anniversary of his creative career. In 1997, songs from her debut album “Flight” sounded everywhere. The release of the album brought the singer to win in the nomination “discovery of the year” national music award “ovation” and then recorded hits still sings the whole country.

One of the most memorable songs was the track “Crazy happiness”, which is specially for Anita written by the poet Mikhail Gutseriyev and composer Victoria Kohan. The song appeared just over a year ago, but in such a short time has become one of the artist’s repertoire. To mark the 20th anniversary of Anita released work in the new version, and shared memories.

According to the pop star, many other artists warned her that she may face a crisis in family life due to the busy schedule.

Husband of Anita Tsoy’s wedding with her fortune teller predicted the

“I’m really glad this song appeared in my new album were played in the anniversary show, “10/20”. After all, happiness of a woman-artist consists not only of working moments, and, of course, and of personal happiness. When I came on the scene, how many times my colleagues told me that a true artist of the family will not. “Prepare for the fact that sooner or later your husband will say “no” – convince them. – Nobody needs wives gastrolery, useless creative wife that night, instead of comfortably sleeping in bed, write songs and come up with some incredible scripts for her shows”. Therefore, all the 20 years I have done a lot of hard work on your happiness” – said Anita.

The Choi family fully supports her, and also tries to protect from criticism from the envious. However, as the singer admits, it was not always so. All the years of concert activity, she had to make serious sacrifices. Only recently, the star was able to attain a balance in everything.

“Mutual understanding was achieved in the family, and I feel now more or less comfortable. Ceased to be acute situation in the family about my favorite work. Family realized, the husband, knew our moms that work for me is first of all self-realization, without which I can not live. Each person has a story of happiness, my story turned out to be so,” admitted Anita “StarHit”,