Anita Tsoy changed its habits

Анита Цой изменила своим привычкам
The singer has decided not to make supplies for the winter.

Анита Цой изменила своим привычкам

Anita Tsoy

Photo: Instagram Anita Tsoy @anitatsoy

Anita Tsoy is one of the most Thrifty singers in our
show business. She shares with fans recipes: how to make jam, how to pickle cucumbers. Every year the singer
collects on his land a rich harvest and stored for the winter. But this season because of the busy schedule, Choi will not be able to personally engage in conservation.

harvest: garlic in the store; tomatoes, cucumbers in pots seaming; zucchini,
zucchini in the freezer, ” says the singer. Honestly, this summer at the seam
cans I don’t have time. Cooking is new for you and shoot a second season
reality TV show “Wedding size”. Conserves all the deals assistant
on the farm. For which she thanks a lot”.

Anita Tsoy

Photo: Instagram Anita Tsoy @anitatsoy

Recall that last year, Anita shared an unusual
recipe pickling cucumbers is just over 2.5 hours. “I tried out a new method
the seaming and sterilization — in microwave! Fast, convenient, clean, told
Choi. — Seaming cans 30 together with the sterilization took only 2.5 hours.
The only thing that worries me is whether these pickles crisp! Just in
the next party rolled up the old-fashioned way and then compare”.

By the way, especially for the singer spoke in detail about the pickling cucumbers in the microwave. “Take the small banks 700-800 grams, wash them in
dishwasher safe. Can independently and thoroughly rinse them with baking soda and
salt. In dry clean jars, put the umbrella of dill, half cleaned
cloves of garlic, a few peas black pepper, leaves and horseradish root,
a sheet of black currant and cherry leaf, several rings of red and green chili peppers.
Instead of leaves of currant and cherry you can put cloves or ginger root.
Add the well washed cucumbers.
Dissolve in hot water, salt and sugar and pour brine in jars,
leaving 2-3 cm to the edge. Put the microwave on maximum
power and place in jars with cucumbers in brine. Heat them to boiling.
Once the water is boiling, turn the power to the minimum value and
5-7 minutes warm up. Remove the jars, pour the vinegar and close the lid.
Bon appetit!”

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