Anita Tsoy carries with him on tour a steamer

Анита Цой возит с собой на гастроли пароварку
The singer is everywhere and always adhere to proper nutrition.

Anita Tsoy

Photo: Instagram Anita Tsoy @anitatsoy

Anita Tsoy has more than 20 years of struggling with excess
weight and nebezrazlichna. The singer tightened, slender and fresh. She’s watching
nutrition, exercise regularly. Even on tour, the singer gives himself
to relax and not allow myself anything extra. Star everywhere carries with him a steamer to even
outside the home is to eat healthy and delicious food.

“On tour I carry with me.
the steamer! With our travel and irregular work schedule easy to plant
stomach, and hence all diseases. So I try to prepare myself for a couple without
salt, says Choi. — Today in my
menu: arugula salad with shrimp, halibut steamed spinach and chicken breast
vegetables. And what smells spread through the hotel!..”

By the way, Anita Tsoy often tells his fans about
new methods of weight loss. That only did not try, the singer, to the hated
pounds disappeared. But chaotic throwing the pills to diet, from sports to
cellulite creams did not give a stable result. “I confess I never
not been so thin — I had such a sturdy figure, — said Anita. —
As in that joke: “90 — 90 — 90 where the waist will do?” (Laughs.) Here it is
about me. But the sheer obesity in any case. It all started when I
got pregnant. Everything said that we need to eat for two. I
calls diligently followed and slowly fat. Then sat with a small
the son and along the way learned to be a good housewife: cooked borscht, baked cakes…
the end did not notice how to 22 years began to weigh over a hundred pounds. The
interesting, I was not discouraged. The main thing was that my husband and son fed, home
clean, everything is washed, ironed. I created the perfect world in which I
comfortable. Alarm bell rang when her husband stopped paying on
me as a woman, began to stay at work. I got
courage and asked directly: “what’s the matter?” And he just said: “are you
the mirror itself looked?” It is with this unpleasant conversation began
my fight for the preservation of the family and the fight against obesity”.