Anita Tsoy buys products in the wholesale store

Анита Цой закупает продукты в оптовом магазине
The popular singer has shown how the everyday housewife.

Anita Tsoy

Photo: personal archive of Anita Tsoy

The new year’s holiday
many guests has significantly reduced the number of products in the fridge and
the pantry at home Anita Tsoy. Immediately after the holidays, the singer went to Fund strategic
stock. But, contrary to the popular stereotype of the star weekdays, noticed she was on
fancy capital markets or in premium groceries. In a normal jacket without
embarrassed, Anita Tsoy cleverly
maneuvered between the shelves of popular retail hypermarket. Star
grocery shopping was not gourmet food products, and a familiar
millions of Russians set the most popular goods.

“Somehow, they
to think that the actors feed on the nectar of flowers or some unusual delicacies, says Anita. —
I hasten to disappoint you or to please. In my family eating healthy,
balanced, but it consists of the usual products. And as
woman, the lady of the house and family, with all the necessary stocks I’m watching in person.

Again destroys the myth: I don’t have a special person who makes me
household purchases. It is important for me to know what I bought, where I put in what
quantity. As for the choice of store, it is no secret either. Family
my great friends who constantly come to visit, even more.
Therefore, products should always a lot. And the best choice is such
large shops. Especially because one of them is near my home.

I know the real price of certain products, and to pay, for example,
for the same pasta in three road just doesn’t make sense. So, dear
friends, next time when you meet me in the supermarket — not
be surprised. Come, do not hesitate, I will also help you to make purchases without
sacrificing the family budget.”