Анита Цой стала участником скандала вокруг «Стены Цоя»
The singer was supported by fans of a rock musician.

Anita Tsoy

Photo: Instagram

Anita Tsoy has congratulated his famous namesake day
birth. Legendary rock musician Viktor Tsoi would have turned 54 years old.

In honor of this
events Anita performed at the famous “Wall of Tsoi” on the Old Arbat music Group
blood” and “Cuckoo”.

The singer was outraged by yesterday’s incident — when fans
the singer, who was tragically killed in a car accident, found that the wall of the musician
painted over, and instead of hundreds of thank-you records fans
the singer wrote just one — “Choi is dead.”

This has made unknown artists to sign
protest against the existence of a wall in the city centre. However, the inscription
did not last long, she appeared in the night of 20 June, and the morning was already

“My dear Victor,” says Anita. — Love, remember,
sing! Happy Birthday!”

The debate about the existence of the “Wall of Tsoi” go for a long time. For
crush is a meeting place for memories, for opponents of the controversial
monument — “ulcer on the body of the city,” “a bunch of vagabonds, misfits, and other
the dregs of society.” Anita Tsoy became the first star to speak out against the destruction of
The “wall”.

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