Anita Tsoi confessed how she was able to lose weight

Анита Цой призналась, как смогла похудеть
Famous singer Anita Tsoy has never hidden the fact that she has extra pounds.

Анита Цой призналась, как смогла похудеть

But she was able to pull myself together and achieve the shape that will suit. The other day in his microblog she has published pictures, which showed a trim figure.

Анита Цой призналась, как смогла похудеть

“Never been skinny. Nature gave me strong , whipped physique. Remember, as a child I was teased “table – red hand”. I was hurt and I fought obzyvali. After, I have long worried about their appearance, but at some point everything fell into place. I understand that the sports, a healthy body is better able to fashionable thinness. Protruding bones is not mine! Of course, to dissolve themselves is not necessary.

Sport and dance me in this help, and will power gives you the ability to keep the body in good shape. But here the main thing not to touch. Anyway, now I love myself: sochnoe, masssey, delicious. And believe me, it’s men like” – wrote under the photos, Anita.

Fans are delighted at the appearance of the singer and covered her with compliments.

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