Anita Choi warned that she will not be able to build a family

Аниту Цой предостерегали, что она не сможет построить семью
This year is memorable for the singer Anita Tsoy, she celebrates the 20th anniversary of his artistic career.

Аниту Цой предостерегали, что она не сможет построить семью

One of the most successful tracks of the singer is “Crazy happiness”, which was released only a year ago, but managed to catch the fancy of fans of Anita. In honor of the anniversary, the actress spoke with reporters and recalled the beginning of his solo career.

“I’m really glad this song appeared in my new album were played in the anniversary show, “10/20”. After all, happiness of a woman-artist consists not only of working moments, and, of course, and of personal happiness. When I came on the scene, how many times my colleagues told me that a true artist of the family will not.

“Prepare for the fact that sooner or later your husband will say “no” – convince them. – Nobody needs wives gastrolery, useless creative wife that night, instead of comfortably sleeping in bed, write songs and come up with some incredible scripts for her shows”. Therefore, all the 20 years I have done a lot of hard work on your happiness,” shared Anita.

But still the family of the singer tries to maintain her around, so that the fears of friends were in vain.

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