Анита Цой показала уникальное фото
The singer released online the archive the.

Анита Цой показала уникальное фото

Anita Tsoy

Anita Tsoy boasted archival photo, which was made in
1997 before her first appearance on the stage. Those who were unfamiliar with the work of the singer
in the late 90’s, probably wouldn’t recognize in a short-haired teenager dressed in black feminine Anita.

“This is how I was in 1997, when I had my first outing
on stage with the song “Flight”, — has signed a snapshot of Anita. — It has been almost 20 years since
of the time. What do you think, since I’ve changed a lot? For better or

Anita Tsoy in the late 90s

“And in’ 97 was a beauty, and now simply chic girl”;
“Changed, became more feminine. But I love you in any way, and remember
this first output”; “Anita! Your eyes are still good”; “the Years have no power over You!”;
“You are beautiful both then and now,” delivered its verdict fans.

By the way, at the time, Anita had changed completely,
after all, when she weighed 110 pounds. “I am a doughnut, it
genetically, my parents are large, with broad bone, and then I became a huge
the woman reached 110 kg. Since then my whole life is subordinated to the fight against excess
weight. Tried a lot of methods, some of them shared with the fans
when I asked for it, — says Anita Tsoi. — From the heart
recommended, for example, diet, thanks to which 3 weeks lost 5 kg.
And then came the answers: “you Know, Anita, it helped, but for some reason I
no. It is curious that weight loss methods are almost all the same, with
small differences, but the results and stories of weight loss is obtained

gradually came to nutrition and became regular practice
sports. “Then I put on the experiments the cross and decided to try
just to eat properly under the supervision of a professional nutritionist
fitness trainer, ” says Anita. The principles are pretty simple: eat frequently
small portions and only up to seven in the evening, drink at least two liters of water in
day. Also must share the use of proteins and carbohydrates, not to forget
fruits and vegetables and to remove from the diet of fatty, fried and salty.”

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