Anita Choi has selected her wedding dress

Анита Цой выбрала подвенечное платье
The singer intrigued fans.

Photo: Instagram

Anita Tsoy appeared on the pages of your blog in an elegant wedding outfit. The singer has not written any comment under this photo, so fans immediately began to worry they have not missed some important events in her life?

The first assumption was a possible wedding with her husband of Anita Sergei Tsoi, whom the singer affectionately calls Petrovich. They were married 27 years ago and, according to the public opinion, already reached that confidence in each other, to decide on the wedding ceremony.

The second, less plausible version was a wedding with another man! Supposedly Anita managed to secretly arrange a divorce from her famous husband and arrange your marriage with a new boyfriend.

The truth was not so much interesting: it turns out, Anita Tsoy attended the fashion show of wedding dresses together with his colleagues in show business: Natalia Bochkareva, Elena Borscheva and Anna Kalashnikova.