Anita Choi explained the reason of his extreme “paelstine”

Анита Цой объяснила причину своего экстремального «потолстения»
The singer recovered on 8 kg.

Photo: Instagram

During the filming of another season of the “Wedding size” on TV “Home” Anita Tsoy has encountered an unexpected problem. Due to changes related to age, the singer scored a whopping 8 pounds overweight.

“These surveys have become really hard for me — honestly, Anita. — For nearly 20 years I have been struggling with their excess weight. When I started the show “Wedding,” it seemed to me that I can give any advice. But it turned out that all is not so simple. This year I exceeded 45. And I started a women’s hormonal changes. During these months I gained 8 pounds. I could not imagine that, while my “boys” will be to lose weight, at this time I will start hormone treatment and will “swell” in front of everyone. Life is life. And we have sometimes to suffer defeat. But we are heroes for themselves, if you know how to pull myself together. Each member of our program today for me. Example, where I will go!”

In the near future, Anita plans to vigorously engage in getting fit. But she understands that one nutrition and sports, when it is about hormones, not enough. To dissolve itself, otherwise the results will be catastrophic. It will take time before hormone replacement therapy will bring the body to normal. But the singer is optimistic about the future and ready for any test on the way to the return of the perfect figure.