Anita Choi apologized to my mom

Анита Цой попросила прощения у мамы
The singer repented for his action.

Photo: Instagram

Anita Tsoy took part in the flashmob, dedicated to Mother’s Day. The singer recorded a video in which he told a story associated with mom. Ironically, the positive in all meanings of Anita in my childhood was not the most obedient child, that she was still ashamed.

“Mommy, I’m sorry that I’m a child so brought, asked Choi to his mother. — I remember once you asked me not to leave the apartment, but I couldn’t sit still. While you were at work, I called a friend and invited to his home to play for the babies. It is clear what happened. Of course, I began to play. When you came home at 7 PM, the door was wide open, and I wasn’t… Mother, I’m terribly ashamed of what I did! But I remember how you took off your blue strap from his belt and began to spank me on the ass. I started you harass: to spin, to substitute the ass and say, “Yes, beat me, beat! His only and unfortunate child!” Remember that you felt sorry for me, then you all laughed. So my punishment was over. Thank you, mom!”

Mother of the future star Eloise Sanginovna brought up his daughter alone. Anita’s father left the family when he learned that his wife had not born a boy, he had dreamed of, and the girl. Parents officially divorced when the baby was 2 years old. His entire adult life Anita wanted to find his father, and when found, disappointed. The father said that he was bored or that she needed him. He said only sentence: “If I knew who you marry, I would not have divorced your mother. Let your husband will get me a job”.

About this sad story Anita told in several interviews. Since then, the father she never spoke. But mom Choi loves more than life and ready to put a monument in life.