Защитница животных Меган Маркл пошла на охоту!

For 20 years the tradition of the Royal family for Christmas is a trip to hunt. Prince Charles takes sons and others who wish to Sandringham. Magazine, The Sun previously reported that Prince Harry has decided to abandon the Royal tradition for Christmas and stayed home because his wife Megan against violence to animals, not eating meat and not wearing real fur. Later, Western sources reported that still Markle had to go hunting, and even accompanied by Kate Middleton!

Dailymail reports that the hunt took place on a Forest farm, in a farmhouse with five bedrooms, where Prince Philip spends most of the time. An insider from Sandringham said that after a hearty Breakfast the men went out hunting, while women took a walk around. After lunch the men continued to shoot, and Megan and Kate returned to Sandringham for tea with the Queen and Prince Philip. By the way, rumor has it that a year ago, Markle and Prince Harry had a big fight when he went hunting in Germany.

By the way, the source also said that the charity funds animal rights have all informed and sent angry letters to the Royal family!

However, to abandon the annual Christmas tradition of the Royal family Markle could not, and violated numerous statutes. Network restless rumors that Meghan Markle doesn’t get along with the wife of Prince William Kate Middleton. On the basis of quarrels in conflict and the princes, that is very sad Elizabeth II. She finally decided to intervene and asked him to arrange a personal meeting with a pregnant Markle.

Western sources reported that Megan received in full. “It was a real talking to… the Queen told Megan that she “destroys Harry”, stepping in between him and his brother William with his wife Kate. No one in the Palace had not yet seen the Queen so angry!” — the source said.

The conversation took place on the basis of recent events that are widely reported in the media. News broke that Megan brought Kate to tears during the preparations for the wedding first, and others report that Markle does not hesitate to behave rude with assistants Duchess of Cambridge.

Of course, everyone would like to the Royal family two brothers lived in harmony, but the constant quarrels only removed them from each other. In the end, Megan made strict rules: the pregnant wife of Prince Harry now can not in any way to upset the spouses of Cambridge and their assistants. According to sources, Megan was shocked by the incident, but has behaved very decent. With her head held high she left the room.

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