Ани Лорак хочет быть похожей на Ким Кардашьян?

Ani wants to be like Kim Kardashian?
Often, when reviewing the photos of Ani Lorak, the fans and the fans of her work you can see the similarities in appearance with the famous American beauty Kim Kardashian…

Ани Лорак хочет быть похожей на Ким Кардашьян?
All wonder is the whole thing in her makeup? Subscribers singer in Instagramm long noticed the similarity of these two style icons of Russian and world. But one of the last pictures uploaded by Ani Lorak, came as a shock and caused a storm of emotions. In the photo she was close to Kardashian similar, as two drops of water.


The publication has caused a flurry of discussion and controversy among her fans. The hair of both was identical, and it assembled a high tail, long and carefully styled hair. Showy and flashy makeup emphasized the already perfect look of the stars.Photo taken in the bathroom in a white Bathrobe.

All of these chips in your Luke uses overseas star, so fans of her work easily through similarity to her. Not to recognize such a fact would only those people who do not know Kim Kardashian.

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