Ани Лорак удивила выбором слишком обтягивающего платья

For anybody not a secret that in his 41 years of popular singer Ani Lorak looks great and has a very gorgeous figure, which will be envied by a dozen young girls! But the dress, which was wearing one of her performances exceeded all expectations of fans and journalists!
Has already become a kind of highlight of the singer to wear ultraorthodoxy dresses length is not “a little above the knees”. So this time the singer was spotted in a black slinky dress with sequins, with closed sleeves and a high closed neck. Front dress with a huge slit to the thigh, exposing maximum of her beautiful, delicate feet.

Ани Лорак удивила выбором слишком обтягивающего платья
This output the singer also captured in its history in the social network Instagram. After reviewing the video, you can once again see her sparkling sequin dress with a high slit to the thigh.
And really, the dress is quite clearly highlighted all the best qualities to her already perfect figure, but this affected the ease of her movements. She did every step in that attire, it was immediately apparent that to get to the stage “diva” was even the test! Exquisite dress outside, but inside was very uncomfortable, bound with all its movement and awards heavy mission – “to reach the microphone” and to the beloved fans of her work.
Carolina has missed the point that in the race to sexuality, she got stiffness in the movements, and in addition the view from the much-covered chest and tummy. Thus highlighting the fact that she’s obviously gained some weight.
Although it is worth noting that the 41-year-old pop diva Ani Lorak always watching her figure, she developed a special diet and training that helped to achieve good results is to bring the body and shape back to normal after childbirth.

Popular singer and Academy award “woman of the year” Glamour 2018 most likely not matched with the image or style, although it does not matter! It is worth noting that 41-year-old Ani Lorak after the divorce with Murat Nalchajian have managed to light up the camera lenses of the paparazzi with her new boyfriend. It was 27-year-old Yegor Gleb. In Russia, Egor holds the post of sound producer label (“Black Star Inc”). Prior to that, under the charms of a young and handsome guy was Tayanna – Tatyana Reshetnyak, which was one of the soloists of the group “Hot chocolate”, and now performs as a solo artist. Romance relationship Egor and Tayanna moved in a conjugal relationship, which lasted 3 years, during this time, the couple had a son Daniel in 2013.

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