Ани Лорак готовится к появлению ребенка
In less than a month, the popular singer Ani Lorak will represent in the Olympic new show DIVA.

Ани Лорак готовится к появлению ребенка

Ani devotes all his time to the preparations for the Grand concert. In an interview, the singer admitted that closer to the fall think about a second child, and yet she doesn’t have time for this.

Ани Лорак готовится к появлению ребенка

“I treat this program as their child nursed for almost a year – said the star. – By the way, my six year old daughter constantly asks me when I give her a little brother or sister. But I still absolutely have no time to do, I did all the work. Maybe by the fall, think about adding to the family more seriously.”

Recall that the godfather’s daughter Ani is Philip, who gave her tremendous support in the preparations for the show.

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