Ani Lorak was in the “black list” of Russia

Ани Лорак оказалась в «черном списке» России

Ani Lorak are not too keen on the Motherland, but now in Russia it was unfavorable.

The singer, along with several other artists, fell into the “black list”, which her fans are now deprived of the opportunity to attend her concert.

The situation is as follows: in the city of Khabarovsk with the purpose to give a concert there has arrived group “Aquarium”, which is led by Boris Grebenshchikov. But the musicians were given the heave-Ho, and organizers of the far Eastern tour (host side) of “influential authority” received a letter, which referred to “lack of patriotism of the artist.”

“The far East tour organizers decided to personally meet with the representatives thereof, the influential instance. They said that Moscow allegedly received a black list is not enough Patriotic artists who do not want to grant sites. In addition to BG, and even Shevchuk, Diana, Makarevich, Rotaru, lorac, Malinin and others,“ – wrote a famous blogger hieromonk Nicanor Lepeshev.


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