Ani Lorak told why he refused to give the daughter to school

Ани Лорак рассказала, почему отказалась отдавать дочь в школу
The singer sought advice from a psychologist.

Ani Lorak

Photo: Philip Goncharov

Although the daughter of Ani Lorak, Sonya, has 6 years old, the family Council it was decided that to be a schoolgirl it’s too soon..

“Sonia very successfully passes all the tests on motor skills, logic
(for example, it perfectly adds up puzzles), but we
decided that she needed another year to “walk”, — admitted the singer. — It seems to me that it is impossible to take a human
childhood is a time for everything. Sonya is
baby, we with her dolls playing. Her busy until she just
wants affection, warmth and toys. Perhaps the mother is pleased when her offspring in
five years knows that is not able by his peers. But nice is it

To make sure that she’s right, lorac even asked for help from a specialist.

“I consulted with a psychologist and he said that the psyche of the child finally Matures for school only seven years, — admitted the singer. — The little man should be elementary to ready to every morning to get up early every day to do homework, preferably under pressure. Maybe someone is willing to all this in six years. Indeed, as the psychologist, there is no rules how it should be child — except that he must be physically healthy. But we decided to wait a year or two”.

Maybe it was because most of the Ani were not the most pleasant memories about school years.

“Life is so complicated that my mother had two children out of three me and my younger brother — for some time to give to the orphanage, recalls the singer. And teacher there with us not stand on ceremony, no one took into account their child to learn the program or not. Learned — not learned, go and do your homework. And often climbed pointer — to descend to the student… are We so often “put in place”, that I did not perceive it as a humiliation, as the suppression of the individual”.

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