Ani Lorak told what came out in lingerie

Ани Лорак рассказала, зачем вышла в свет в нижнем белье

Ukrainian singer appeared on the contest “New wave – 2016” in a provocative way in which she put deep philosophical meaning.

Ani Lorak doesn’t hide his love for the outrageous and sometimes provocative outfits. In her wardrobe, evening as well as scenic, you can see a lot of sexy dresses. But I think this time the singer has surpassed itself.

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At the competition “New wave – 2016”, she appeared in rabid scarlet dress in this season’s underwear style. Dress nightgown silk lace trim looked very boldly, especially against the more classical toilets of other celebrities.

As explained by Woman’s Day Ani Lorak, the choice of outfit is not accidental. “It’s not just dress that way. My new song “you are loved” is such a feminine story. The girl have relations with a guy, and she’s lying down, so to speak, on the sofa in my nightie decides to finally quit. I wanted to show that she is confident, she is beautiful and she has the guts to break these unnecessary relations. It’s so feminine. Because such stories very much. And I want to look at my character, the girl wasn’t afraid of anything”, – said Ani.