Ani Lorak told how tried German cuisine

Ани Лорак рассказала как пробовала немецкую кухню

Recently, the singer Ani Lorak visited Stuttgart, Nuremberg, Ludwigshafen, Offenbach, Lemgo, Dortmund, Hamburg and Berlin, where he performed with the program “Carolina” for the last time. Lorak told about her impressions from the German public, culinary adventures and shopping.

Ани Лорак рассказала как пробовала немецкую кухню

Communication with the public at concerts and after them is the singer for a special ritual. “The time of communication with the audience during the concert, very intimate — they are also part of the show where everything is important: how they react, how to perceive, what kind of support. For 2.5 hours we become part of it, and these experiences are never the same. It would seem, are one and the same show, but every time is like the first. It is not the same concerts, each performance is unique.” writes singer in his column of the magazine Hello!

Between performances, the star went shopping and walking around the city. “I was able to enjoy a traditional German dish of stewed cabbage with sausages. Of course, it’s not exactly health food, but very tasty. I almost had a gastronomic failure))))) After each concert, I said to myself: “You’ve earned this delicious sausage”. In General, I’ve indulged yourself with something delicious!” admits Lorak. The star said that she liked traditional pretzel with sea salt, and keep in weight helped her constant movement and work on the stage.

Ани Лорак рассказала как пробовала немецкую кухню

“In Germany, very good roads. A lot of the time I spent in transit, so had the opportunity to contemplate the magnificent scenery — the colorful trees, fallen leaves… Inspired by all this beauty, I tried to compose music.” the singer tells about how local landscapes gave her the inspiration for new hits.

Having tasted German food, Ani couldn’t resist and shopping. To this ritual the singer reacted with full dedication. She even turned off the phone and asked anyone not to bother her. “I have a weakness for shoes. No one of my trip to the store impossible without buying concert shoes, winter boots, boots — are unable to resist the temptation to buy that much. Of course, I didn’t resist and before makeup. And fell in love with a black cocktail dress that took home in memory of Berlin.” says lorac.

Recently, in his personal blog, the singer talked about how to cope with stress and setbacks. “I rehearsed a lot and move on, sometimes not enough money, but will power and persistence helped not to give up. If a thousand blows on my legs, need to get up and move on. I continued to dream that someday I will be on the big stage and the entire auditorium will have to applaud me. And, armed with the most necessary for success — a voice that great desire and hard work, I started your way.”