Ани Лорак рассказала, как относится к критике
Popular singer Ani Lorak is a very popular Network, her personal life is watching a large army of fans.

Ани Лорак рассказала, как относится к критике

Often the performer hits a barrage of criticism for revealing outfits. Recently live “OK.” Ani told how to react to criticism.

Ани Лорак рассказала, как относится к критике

“Criticism I accept, first, with gratitude. First, people are not indifferent to me, this is pleasant. That is the idea of man went, spent their time. It is necessary to sit, even anger some — “you’re ugly, ugly, all” — it’s written by a man, presses the button, gives me his time, gives life. Well as I can… I just be grateful to him, because it turns out, his life the time he devotes to me. So just thank you all.

Please, write all what you want. Just be. Because that’s very important to understand that for the artist there are two energies: someone loves someone praises, someone praises, someone, on the contrary, criticizes, this suggests that you are right to move that you’re doing something. But when anything at all — that’s scary. All times — silence. The worst thing is when there is indifference,” — said Lorak.

Ani is the owner of luxury shapes, so often shows her in a candid images.

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