Ани Лорак рассказала о секрете идеального пресса

It seems the singer is already fading away. But in recognition of the singer, her weight has not changed.

Ani Lorak has always distinguished chiseled figure, so the question of extra pounds was never. But suddenly there was another question, but do not carried away with the singer losing weight? When Lorak appeared on the red carpet at the festival in Baku, fans gasped: “What hunka!” Woman’s Day decided to find out first hand why and how so thin, Pescia.

— No, you thought, my weight hasn’t changed, ” admitted Anya. Just in the summer there is the opportunity to move more, and the food I cannot restrict. Being in Baku, can you tell me how to unsubscribe from khachapuri? There are such people? Personally, I do not belong to them. Yesterday I tried everything: kebabs, Baku tomatoes, tortillas. But just a little bit. Always say: don’t eat the whole cake, eat a piece. And obezatelno need to move.

My shape is no secret. Enough to engage in normal physical activity, but the main thing is to do it regularly. I every morning, before going to brush your teeth, crunches. Directly in bed! Just raise the legs. And this is the perfect exercise for the lower abdomen. But it should be done constantly. Water wears away the stone. If every day you want to perform the same exercise, albeit simple, but you will feel the results. And there are some people who once a week go to the gym, and then complain no effect, they say, is not helping us. Of course, will not help if you engage in sports once a month, and in the evening the buns to chew or basins are. Try to reduce portions. Eat from small plates, like a kitten. You know, being a woman is hard work. We need a way to distribute their power to keep karatu and youth as long as possible.

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