Ани Лорак получила производственную травму
The singer hurt himself during rehearsal for a new show.

Photo: Instagram

Almost day and night holds Ani Lorak in rehearsal for his new concert program “Diva”. Before the premiere left quite a bit of time already on 16 February, the singer will present the show in Minsk. Then he will see Kiev, and on 3 March she will take the stage “Olympic” in Moscow.

The singer rehearsing songs, dances, not only in the Studio and dance class, but also in the scenery. All who ever corner of my eye saw something that will make the Ani on the stage of the largest venues in the world in the coming year, saying it’s something big.

There were, however, without injury. During a rehearsal one of the more challenging rooms Carolina (so actually the name of the singer) injured elbows. The injury was not severe, but noticeable. The singer was given first aid, cleaned the wound and put a plaster on.

“Hurt my elbows in the scenery, — said Ani. — But I’m still happy with a good result. You will find an incredible sight!»

Also, to look even more advantageous than usual, before the show, agreed strongly in their figure.

“I do not sit on diets and don’t arrange fasting days. Instead prefer to separate food, eating small portions, dinner no later than seven o’clock in the evening, — said the singer. — I have completely eliminated fast carbohydrates, which are immediately deposited to female barrels, and the need to satisfy the useful sweet honey. If you are determined to lose weight, a sweet cannot be compromised. Also in the black list sugary soft drinks and juices from packages, mayonnaise and a selection of breads.

Sometimes it is necessary to do a relief and let’s culinary delights in the form of a piece of cake, slice of dried bread with bran or plate of his beloved fries. Otherwise, instead of pleasure from the fact that you’re looking trim, get psychosis and depression. But such relief is necessary to arrange rarely and not adding “sweets” to the usual menu, and replace it with dinner or lunch.”