Ani Lorak has criticized the fans for a bad outfit

Ани Лорак раскритиковали фанаты за неудачный наряд
In the Network actively discussed the new stage image of the popular singer Ani Lorak.

Ани Лорак раскритиковали фанаты за неудачный наряд

Fans are accustomed to romantic images of the performer in which she appeared in various concerts. But recently she has chosen to go on stage costume, studded with sequins, and the singer also wore tights in rhinestones.

Fans were horrified chosen outfit and left a lot of comments with criticism.

“Too many rhinestones. Tights would be better if corporal”, “Very rough suit for the miniature Ani”, “Great outfit Ani!!!”, “Wow!!! here is the outfit! A man would envy!”, “In the glitter too much. The legs could sparkle,though on such stilts”, “bad Taste , sorry … trying to imitate j-Lo ?”, “Tights extra”, “is Not this outfit,you look below and Tastee than it is,” wrote a follower.

Lately, lorac decided to radically change the usual way, she started with the hair, making the bangs.

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