Ani Lorak has created a new family

Ани Лорак создала новую семью The singer told what happened to her team. Ani Lorak with respect to those with whom it cooperates and always helps when asked for help. The artist notes that, during operation, to stick with the team.

Five years of Ani Lorak and his team have traveled around the world with the show “Carolina”. During this time, team members become attached to each other and became really close. Yesterday evening, Berlin was the final concert, after which the singer said goodbye to the holiday long five years. In connection with this event Ani Lorak told “StarHit” about relationships within her team.

“All those years of touring went almost the same composition – just 35 people. We are so attached to each other that have become family, you might say. You guys can always contact me with a personal request. I’ll listen and help where I can. And most recently, was a joyful event – two members of the team got married! I am happy that in my eyes was born a new family,” shared the singer.

For five years, the team gave 398 concerts, collecting more than a million people traveled to 12 countries, 180 cities and spent way more than 300 thousand kilometers. Say “goodbye” one, the singer has welcomed another DIVA!, on which work is now in full swing. The premiere will be held in Minsk on 16 February in St. Petersburg on 25 February in Moscow on 3 March.

In a recent interview for the magazine “StarHit” Ani Lorak told that fans are in for a massive event. “Name “Diva” speaks for itself… I was inspired by images of great women. Together with the designers, we have created nearly 30 outfits that alternate during the presentation. Selected 25 people ballet, they have already started to work. Will be directed by Oleg Bodnarchuk, we have already collaborated. Of course, it will be a live audio and high-tech scene. Guests will become part of the show. I promise to amaze even the most discerning audience.”

With such a busy schedule, Ani is rarely with her family – husband Murat and their 6-year-old daughter Sofia. But with them she constantly maintains contact. “In the morning “Good morning” in the evening “good night”, during the day for 5-10 messages, calls, – told the artist. – We’re not leaving each other even for a minute. And I think this is the secret of our family happiness. 12 years back, and still we have a sense of joy when we meet. Inner enthusiasm, can not be said about people who are constantly together. They rather want to enjoy each other. I believe that living with a public person is a special talent. Murat, no doubt, possesses them”.

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