Ани Лорак влезла в долги из-за концертного шоу Director of the actress commented on the situation. In the scenario show DIVA was attended by the most modern and expensive gadgets. However, now she will have to close some accounts.
Ани Лорак влезла в долги из-за концертного шоу

In the beginning of the year, the singer presented a concert program DIVA, which was compared with the performances of beyoncé, Madonna and Lady Gaga. However, last week there were rumors that because of the project worth several million dollars, Ani is on the verge of bankruptcy. “StarHit” to find out what happened.

We will remind, the premiere DIVA took place on 25 February in St. Petersburg, then in Moscow, and then the artist went on tour in Russia. In the scenario present the most modern and expensive gadgets.

“Like the show, frankly, rarely serve as a source of income. This is the standard world practice, – said the Director of artist Mikhail Uspensky. Ani wanted to give audience a holiday at the highest level, and she succeeded. But this scale requires huge investments. Not to get into debt, a lot was cooking on their own. At the moment, indeed is not yet closed some accounts, but to gradually solve the issues. We were ready for this.”
Ани Лорак влезла в долги из-за концертного шоу

Home Ani Lorak always waiting for her little daughter, Sonya and husband Murat. Star always tries to be in touch “With Murat we are constantly in touch. In the morning, Good morning, night good night, during the day, 5-10 messages, calls. We’re not leaving each other even for a minute. And I think this is the secret of our family happiness. 12 years back, and still we have a sense of joy when we meet. Inner delight, what may not be said about the people who are constantly together. They rather want to enjoy each other. I believe that living with a public person is a special talent. Murat, no doubt, possesses them,” – said Lorak “StarHit”.

Ani Lorak: “Daughter wants a sister”

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