Ани Лорак отдыхает с семьей в Турции
The singer enjoyed the stay, despite the crisis in the country.

Ани Лорак отдыхает с семьей в Турции

Ani Lorak and Murat Nalchajian with daughter Sophia

Ani Lorak is resting in Turkey with her daughter Sophia and husband Murat. Despite
the panic prevailing in the country as a result of the coup attempt,
occurred on Friday, the singer really enjoyed the short vacation and socializing
with the close people. The star publishes a page on the social network
photos where she is posing together with her daughter. Although some fans
thrilled that their idol was in Turkey at such a difficult country
the period itself Lorak has not commented on the sticky situation. In Russia Carolina
back on July 21 to continue the tour. The 24-th number from the singer
a scheduled concert in St. Petersburg.

By the way, Carolina has chosen Turkey to host a holiday is not accidental, because it
spouse — Murat
Nalchajian has Turkish roots. During short-term
travel star family also plans to visit relatives of her husband.

Meanwhile, some time
ago the star couple has endured a serious
crisis to the relationship. The reason for this was crazy work schedule
singer, which hardly had time for family. To overcome misunderstandings
in the relationship with her husband helped the ability of Ani and Murat to compromise. Now
Lorac strives to keep all areas of your life — work and family in balance.
The singer is hard at work, but don’t forget to pay attention to her husband with her daughter.

Ani Lorak

Photo: Instagram

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