Ani Lorak: “Daughter wants a sister”

Ани Лорак: «Дочь хочет сестренку» The singer told about dancing in Paris, the alluring offer and parting with things. According to Ani Lorak, she has a very intense work schedule, but this does not prevent her keep a warm atmosphere in the family and spending time with loved ones.
Ани Лорак: «Дочь хочет сестренку»

To meet the heroine of our covers have come out of the airport, barely having time to throw the bags home after the tour. The appearance artist is pleasing to the eye for beauty is always fascinating. Coffee Ani shared with “StarHit” how has relations with her husband at a distance, asking parents of 6-year-old daughter Sophia, and what surprises await fans.

Do not go on the rampage

You have a lot of concerts and extended tours. How entertain yourself on trips?
Ани Лорак: «Дочь хочет сестренку»Shows usually go one after another – day after day. From the airport to the hotel, then to the Playground, back to the hotel, a lunch break and again moving. In this scenario, I want to sleep from exhaustion. Sleep is necessary to restore strength, moral and physical, because in the evening you need to give emotions to the viewer. I have the mode as the athlete. To accumulate positive emotions, I don’t even do business on the phone during the tour. The only exceptions are emergency cases.—
You love to read?
Ани Лорак: «Дочь хочет сестренку»Preference is given to instructive literature: books on psychology, creative stories, biographies. My iPad downloaded movies, which help to develop me as a person. Just finished watching the TV series Suits – the history of lawyers is also interesting. Learned a lot of useful.—
But with my daughter what cartoons look?
Ани Лорак: «Дочь хочет сестренку»Ensure that the cartoon was good. It’s terrible when a children’s film characters say, “I’m to Unscrew the head”. Small children are like sponges, absorbing everything. Of course, when the child is in a society (in this case in kindergarten), and utters a similar expression, it is alarming. We love “Luntik”, “Smeshariki” and “Princess Sofia”, because our names are the same.
Ани Лорак: «Дочь хочет сестренку»
At six Sofia has already managed to ask some unusual question that you were confused?
Ани Лорак: «Дочь хочет сестренку»We have a very trusting relationship. She’s my best friend – I tell her everything. Some extraordinary questions while not specifies, only if someone causes a reaction. For example, coming home sad, “the Boy says I’m ugly.” It’s all of the family – so, whoever said it, heard this at home. I teach Sophia prudence. The best way to win an argument is to avoid it. Explain daughter: if you are rude, look at the offender with a blank look, like he just disappeared, then turn around and leave. Further dialogue with you does not concern. In this situation people will be terribly angry: he wants to cause retaliatory aggression, but not impossible. Trying to convey to my daughter the wisdom of life, those things that I realized in adulthood. She always needs to have its own position, not to go on about.—
Trying on your dresses, cosmetic uses?
Ани Лорак: «Дочь хочет сестренку»Of course, when my mother painted, she wanted to fuck, so we gave her my personal children’s – cosmetics. From time to time she glances and looks. “Mom, what dress is good. Leave him to me,” says the daughter. – “Dormice, but how? Beautiful?” “No, not nice”. Easily may say so! Ugly, in her opinion, everything is dark, which I love, and it selects all bright. Considers that red, pink is fashionable, but black no.
A brother or sister asks?
Ани Лорак: «Дочь хочет сестренку»From childhood! When I started to play with dolls, wanted to have each had a sister, had to buy two pieces at once. She had a funny way of saying, “She’s lonely!”. My husband, rather, asks about the sister. We don’t yet understand how to implement this project based on my charts. But, God forbid, it will be implemented.
Ани Лорак: «Дочь хочет сестренку»
Grandparents who spoil her more?
Ани Лорак: «Дочь хочет сестренку»Family wife lives in Turkey, so Sofia and spend more time with my mom and dad. And with the relatives of Murat occur during the summer at one big table. We have been together, and I never learned the Turkish language. Some conversations he tells me. With his sisters, by the way, speak English. Daughter surrounded by mentors, but there are a caregiver: you need to adhere to one line of teaching.—
Sony is still a wonderful godfather – Philip. Pampers gifts?
Ани Лорак: «Дочь хочет сестренку»Philip always satisfied with the very good surprises, especially birthday. This year he, along with Martin and Alla-Victoria presented a wonderful educational book, encyclopedia colorful and entertaining game. All that the child was getting better. And, of course, is not without the female pleasures – chains, pendant… Sonia favorite pendant from the godfather – in the form of ladybugs.

The intricacies of the profession

Not thought to share his vast stage experience?
Ани Лорак: «Дочь хочет сестренку»Everything takes time, and it is not enough. But I’ll tell you a secret: recently, I received an offer from a publisher to write a book. I agreed. Long thought of the format and decided that it should be a book is a motivator. In fact, many people, even those with talent, I don’t know how to apply it. I’ll try to build a bridge between “want” and “to”.—
You travel a lot… Like a husband reacting to this?
Ани Лорак: «Дочь хочет сестренку»With Murat we are constantly in touch. In the morning, Good morning, night good night, during the day, 5-10 messages, calls. We’re not leaving each other even for a minute. And I think this is the secret of our family happiness. 12 years back, and still we have a sense of joy when we meet. Inner delight, what may not be said about the people who are constantly together. They rather want to enjoy each other. I believe that living with a public person is a special talent. Murat, no doubt, they have.—
What it surprise you still remember with delight?
Ани Лорак: «Дочь хочет сестренку»Offer hands and hearts, which he did in Paris. We went to the Lido musical, held on one of the Central streets of the city. I was in a good mood, watched the show, suddenly started playing music, he opened the box. We were both overwhelmed, we started to dance, while others sat in their seats. In the final there came a storm of applause. The audience thought we were part of the show. It was incredibly romantic and fabulous. Here I can’t. Murat prefer myself to choose gifts. The most gorgeous surprise in my performance – it’s Breakfast in bed. Anyway, I for the life of luxury.
What is the most absurd rumor I read on the Internet?
Ани Лорак: «Дочь хочет сестренку»The most ridiculous – about the deletion of edges. Like, I have a slim waist because I removed two ribs. If you remember, what you write, it turns out that not came out from under the surgeon’s knife: your nose, lips, Breasts, butt, eyes – all non-native. While holding that gave mother nature the parents. Then we will see. Perhaps in the future will invent something clever: anoint cream – minus 10 kilograms, take the pill – the skin is fresh, like 18-year-old. In General, the gossip I have immunity. In my profession without it anywhere. People need to feed off of ridiculous speculation. Before, I worried, cried. Now philosophically: exhaled and stopped reacting. I began to love everyone and to put in Church a candle for his enemies and detractors. Learned to accept them for what they are. Some even feel sorry for: no one, who is OK to throw mud at the other. If you’ve been hurt, hurt in response. If love, love in return. Need to nurture love in yourself, to want to give to others.
Ани Лорак: «Дочь хочет сестренку»
Ahead of the premiere of the show “Diva”. What will happen?
Ани Лорак: «Дочь хочет сестренку»Fans waiting for the event megamaster. The name “Diva” speaks for itself… I was inspired by images of great women. Together with the designers, we have created nearly 30 outfits that alternate during the presentation. The Director will play a talented and incredible Oleg Bodnarchuk, we have already collaborated. Of course, it will be a live audio and high-tech scene. Specifically chose the site of the “Olympic” in Moscow, “Minsk Arena” and “the Ice Palace” in Saint Petersburg to show the scale. Guests will become part of the show. I promise to amaze even the most discerning onlookers.
You easily part with things?
Ани Лорак: «Дочь хочет сестренку»I don’t like to say goodbye, especially with the concert costumes. While I think that it will give them to the auction, and the money comin to charity. But for me it is difficult: all a pity. With clothes the same story. Cabinets to the eyeballs, and want something new. Daughter are taught from childhood – do not get attached to material.—
Costume husband advice? Maybe he’s like an Eastern man against too much openness?
Murat trusts me. We have surprisingly the opposite is true: I love long dresses, preferably with a train. And here show the photo to her husband with some tracks, he looks up and says, “What are you dressed as grandma?” He wants a wife was the most beautiful, sexy and kept pace with the times. Favorite can you buy me some kind of blouse or jacket to give with the words: “It is now in fashion.” I thank him for that. Me all the time boosts, so I changed. Probably because we have each other and found – energy coincide. All the stages of jealousy are long gone. And controversial situation to be solved through discussion. Dialogue is a great thing.