Ани Лорак отмечает день рождения со своим бывшим
The singer has prepared a Grand surprise for their fans.

Ani Lorak

Ani Lorak
celebrates his birthday: singer
turned 39 years old. On this day star
not only receives gifts, but happy
their fans. Today
Carolina introduced the song “New

anyone ever had to say goodbye and
to let those who are in certain
periods of his life, he considered part of himself, his
“half”, — said Lorak. —
we all had the former, farewell to
which left the pain from the memories
and heart stab wounds. But if the feelings
cool, it makes no sense to endure, to try
again and re-ignite the dead star flame
the embers, which every
touch left painful
burns”. “New ex” is a song
a strong-willed woman who was able
to let go and to step into a new life.

By the way,
to present gifts to your fans
is for star tradition. For example,
your 37-year-old birthday Carolina
spent together
with 9 thousand spectators who came to
The ice Palace in St. Petersburg on
Grand show “Karolina”. In the finale
the concert, on the stage lorac steel
to congratulate close friends, colleagues
variety art shop, which she invited
to speak with him: Philip, Emin Agalarov, Timur Rodriguez, Sergey Lazarev and Grigory Leps.
And after the concert the whole team went
to celebrate the birthday of Ani in a restaurant.