Ани Лорак празднует медную свадьбу
The singer and her husband celebrated 7 years from the day of the wedding.

Ani Lorak and Murat Nalchajian with daughter Sophia

Photo: Igor Kharitonov

In the family
charming Ani Lorak — a great holiday. Today the singer and her husband, businessman Murat Nukacola,
note 7-the anniversary of the wedding. The star publicly congratulated the man she loved with this
date, writing in his microblog: “Happy anniversary, my love! Thank you
you beside me all this time!”. In people 7 years of “experience” of family life
called a copper wedding because copper
— a fairly soft metal, but at the same time — a valuable and durable. It symbolizes
the relations of spouses — all acute angles are erased, the relationship is strong, and together passed
a lot. But even more in the future. By the way, that Ani Lorak and Murat
really together have eaten a peck of salt, she told me in a recent
an interview with the magazine “7 Days”.

when it became known that we are a couple in the press all tried you prick us, —
recalls the singer. And
Murat just didn’t understand why. What’s the problem — that he is a Turk? What’s wrong?
I asked him: you do not read what they write about us in the press and on the Internet. And he
Russian language really knew, but everybody was sitting translated… I really
it then feared. It’s crazy you can go from what they write some
people! He had a little difficulty: he dropped everything, moved to a foreign country, his wife —
artist, which in itself is not easy. I in the morning out of the house was gone and only
next morning came because I removed the clip. Then I had the tour for
tour — 20 cities. Murat asked: “where are You?” “I tomorrow in the same city,
the day after in another, then come to Kiev, but I immediately shoot. Oh, all
once the talk, let’s talk to you later”. In the end, he exploded:
“Where in your chart window for me? Maybe you do not need? You still
I remember that I exist?” How do I then felt ashamed…

?Happy anniversary baby! Thank you that you stand me all that time ! love you.#justmarried#love#celebration

A photo posted by Ani Lorak (@anilorak happy) on Aug 15, 2016 at 3:16am PDT

And scary
because at that moment I really could lose a loved one. It happens:
life overtakes the wave, you run, run, do not notice anything around, and
then look around: cuckoo, and this is what you wanted? In General, since I became
something in yourself to adjust. I went to meet him, Murat went to meet me.
Something resigned, something was able to share with me. He I now a lot
helps as a Manager. The Murad experience and education, at the time he ruled
three hotels now in Kiev restaurants, clubs. And since I
own and drive the company called “Ani Lorak Prodakshn” husband
tells me some things of strategic business development”.

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