Ани Лорак считает, что ее дочь может стать певицей Artist impressed with the girls ability to keep yourself on stage. Ani Lorak does not exclude that little Sophia may follow in her footsteps and gain fame when I grow up. The star celebrates the artistry heiress.

      Ani Lorak recently first showed the audience his daughter Sofia. A five year old girl is very similar to the parents, are charming and clever. The singer is no longer hiding the girl’s face in the photos in Instagram.

      It is noteworthy that Sophia inspired by the example of her star mother. The girl loves to sing and even showed his talent in front of an audience. Ani does not exclude that in the future the girl can follow in her footsteps. The debut of girls on stage was greeted with a standing ovation of fans Lorak. For the stars it was a memorable evening.

      “To my concert in Miami came friends – Philip Kirkorov, Sergey Lazarev, and Alexander Kogan. And on tour with me the first time I went for my husband and daughter. When we were in the dressing room, Philip offered to take Sofia to the scene and make a video – this memory will remain. I liked the idea. I asked my daughter: “Sophia, will you come on stage, will not be frightened?” And she, on the contrary, was delighted. After one of the songs I asked for the audience’s attention and announced that he will be my daughter. She was happy, ran, sang an excerpt from my song “Hold me”. The audience burst into applause, Sofia has collected bouquets of flowers, bowed and walked off stage,” says the singer.

      Ani Lorak is in no hurry to make daughter’s rising star. She realizes that all the time. The singer admits that will allow Sophia to go on stage as a singer only when she is fully formed psyche. But even if a girl decides not to link their fate with singing, her mother is not upset and will accept any choice of his daughter.

      “I don’t know how the rest of her life, but it is obvious that we have a growing artistic child. I’m surprised: where did this confidence, the ability to stand in front of a huge audience? Nevertheless, I this issue is treated very carefully, ” says Lorak in an interview with the magazine “OK!”. Time will show if she wants to be a singer. But I will accept any decision. We have a completely equal partnership.”

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