Ангелина Вовк показала, как ей делают уколы красоты Famous TV presenter does not hide that often try different treatments. Recently, she again went to the experts. This time angelina Vovk decided on a comprehensive method of facial rejuvenation. In the Internet appeared the video, which depicted the visit of a star to the clinic.
Ангелина Вовк показала, как ей делают уколы красоты

75-year-old angelina Vovk tries to follow the example of a mother. Celebrity lead a healthy lifestyle and adhere to proper nutrition. Fans believe that the TV looks great and regularly write to her a lot of compliments. Recently, angelina M. decided to demonstrate how she makes one of the best beauty treatments.

In the Internet appeared the video, which depicted the visit of the wolf in one of the capital’s beauty clinic. Telediva tested anti-aging treatments by the method of full face, including Botox injections. It allows you to get the maximum effect in a short time and is suitable for those who want to bring order to the entire face.

In the video, the cosmetologist, professionally wielding a needle, does angelina Mikhailovna Botox injections around the face. TV never shows that experiencing discomfort. Judging by the facial expression of the wolf, she is in a good mood. Celebrity smiles broadly and does not respond to the injection.

In September of this year, angelina Vovk noted birthday. Leading fans think she doesn’t look his age. In an interview, a celebrity confessed that regularly visits the beautician and trying new treatments. According to angelina Mikhailovna, grooming is part of her profession. So, last year, wolf decided on non-surgical firming, contouring, and Botox injections.

“In my life was the operation that took place with large complications. Once caught, the doctor is a sadist who literally left me to die. Then I treated for a long time. May I now decided on more drastic measures, but after the incident under the knife just will not go”, – shared her celebrity with “StarHit”.

In addition, the wolf watches over the physical form. My morning angelina M. usually begins with flax cereal, and throughout the day drink lots of water. The star said that is not engaged in a regular gym, preferring to exercise classes in the pool. Home angelina Mikhailovna are some exercise machines including a treadmill and a special machine.

In recognition of the celebrity, she doesn’t feel 75 years old. “It is difficult to determine the age of the soul, because it is not age, but gaining wisdom is developing. Feel like a Mature person. And when I see peers, then you know what the fellow that always followed him. It concerns not only the outer shell. I have long realized that the need to think positively, then life will be easier,” said angelina M.. Angelina Vovk: “we Have to be optimistic”