Angelina Vovk rapidly losing weight

Ангелина Вовк стремительно худеет Leading decided to completely change the regime. Now she is actively losing weight and trying to improve the diet. Angelina M. is trying to encourage other women helpful videos on Instagram.

Last year angelina Mikhailovna Vovk was 75 years old. Fans admire the cheerfulness of the leading, for most it is still the same good aunt Lina with a pleasant voice.

Angelina M. adheres to a healthy lifestyle. 75-year-old presenter is actively involved in sports, gymnastics and many hours of walking. Wolf tells the fans how you need to do to achieve the desired result.

“You can say that you have bad genetics, poor metabolism, and can simply raise your butt off the couch and start working on them and you will be slim!” – says angelina Mikhailovna.

Now holds the leading Wellness program for the body in Budapest. Angelina M. shows how to use complex equipment.

“Do not worry failure. Falling. Only someone raises, and someone continues to lie and complain… I Wish all of you health and courage!” – said Vovk.

Travel leading often tries the local cuisine. Angelina M. detail tells fans about gastronomy and travel.

“Love comes and goes… Alas! And always want to eat?!” – said the leading on the personal page in Instagram.

Angelina M. admits that tracks not only weight, but also and the hotel parts of the body that are affected by aging. Leading regular visits to the beautician.

“Recently suggested to try the Japanese drug that improves metabolism and restores your body. Already passed the procedure of injections for smoothing wrinkles on the face. Now engaged in the rejuvenation of hands, who primarily issue age. Perhaps the Queen’s fingers soft and smooth. And I had at the time to plow the garden, to wash the floors with a knife – to scrape the dirt. I chistoplyuyka. It is necessary that everything sparkled and the flowers were. And nobody forced itself! I wanted to come to mom’s, put the diary, and there is some five. And watch as it shines. I love to bring people a little joy,” – said the leader in an exclusive interview with “StarHit”.

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