Angelina Vovk has a grudge against Alla Pugacheva

Ангелина Вовк затаила обиду на Аллу Пугачеву
A few days ago well-known TV presenter angelina Vovk was 75 years old.

Ангелина Вовк затаила обиду на Аллу Пугачеву

In the interview, the woman remembered the music festival “song of the year”, which was led for many years. But in 2006, Alla Pugacheva decided to intervene in the process of creating a “Song of the year” and in the end it was decided that angelina Vovk and Evgenie Menshov is no longer needed.

“I think I deserve at least that my leaving was more nicely decorated. I television worker, who gave life to TV, earning a furious fees and money. I have for many years led the festival, even before there was Cool and Joe. And before me no one even apologized. But I once defended this festival when it was going to close. Not Cool, not Pugachev defended “Song of the year” and I! Pugacheva rarely appeared at the festival, and his fate it absolutely didn’t care. But… If someone is to do so, as had done to me, allows a conscience, is his own business. All in the spirit of the time. We are faced with such behavior at every step, when people are rude and ugly,” admits wolf.

Now angelina M. is waiting for a public apology from Diva.

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