Анджелина Джоли закрутила новый роман!
The actress is recovering after depression related to the divorce.

Анджелина Джоли закрутила новый роман!

Angelina Jolie


Angelina Jolie, who even in the fall of 2016 announced his decision to withdraw
marriage with brad pitt are finally back to normal. She became
increasingly to appear in public, including children, and recently, as reported
publication “Etonline”, Angelina began
new novel.

As told to the reporter of the above-mentioned publication, one of the friends Jolie,
Angelina began to meet secretly with some man whose name she doesn’t
reported. It became known only that the new Beau Jolie by her slightly older and very imposing. However, he is not a celebrity, but only the agent for the sale of real estate. As told by the friend of the actress, her relationship
with a new friend started recently and while the “not too

Angelina Jolie with children


Incidentally, fans of the actress have noticed that the last time Angelina
looks very happy. So, during the recent visit of the actress with children to the movies,
her face went smile. Interestingly, Jolie brought their children to watch
a new version of the film, once made her famous. We are talking about “Lara
Croft”, released in March of this year, where the role of Angelina, between
by the way, is given to another actress Alicia Vikander. But I guess Jolie doesn’t hold
resentment for the fact that it was replaced by a younger “rival” went out of the theater,
her smile was still serene…

We will remind as repeatedly admitted in interviews Jolie for the first six months
after the announcement of the divorce, she was in severe depression. Moreover, it
even got sick from the experience — she
paralyzed half of the face. She was so bad that the doctors even suspected at the
Angelina minor stroke. Fortunately, all has appeared not so terribly, and after a course
treatment she regained normal facial expressions.