Анджелина Джоли заплатит адвокату за развод шесть миллионов долларов
Another year actress will be the wife of pitt.

Brad pitt and Angelina Jolie


Divorce with brad pitt,
which started in September last year, Angelina Jolie, will cost her
a tidy sum. As explained by the lawyer of the actress —
expert in such cases, the path decided to go the couple, much easier to get their wallets, or rather, Bank accounts.

Jolie and pitt, by agreement secretive process. And, as is customary in
such situations, hired a private judge to monitor the correctness
all the papers. Rates Mr. John Oderkirk hired by the couple, are quite high: $ 450 per hour. And
the contract, Jolie and pitt have entered into a

The second, more expensive item of expenditure
divorcing spouses attorneys ‘ fees. Especially much it will cost Jolie, because she hired a real “shark”
the legal world, Laura Wasser. Its rate — 1 thousand 200 dollars per hour. If you take into account the fact that
that, according to experts, the process
will take no less than a year, Laura can do angelina, at least, 6
million dollars!

So long the divorce process will become because of the need to comply with many legal technicalities associated with three biological and three adopted children of the couple. In
the course of the divorce should take into account all their interests.

Of course, Jolie and pitt will suffer during this
epic lot of expenses, but are ready for their offspring. To this General solution Angelina and brad came after months of conflict, when both he and she did
what was exchanged mutual accusations. According to her, pitt was allegedly
a bad father for children. According to him, Jolie turning them against him…