Анджелина Джоли сыграет Екатерину Великую

About six months Angelina Jolie and brad pitt are divorce process, which takes up all their time and effort. Now, compared to in fall of 2016, the situation is more or less stabilized, and therefore can be re-started.

Yesterday we told you that Angelina is considering to star in the sequel to “Maleficent”, today it became known about another project in which the star most likely to take part.

Jolie has received an offer to play the Empress Catherine the Great in adapting books Simon Montefiore Sybaga “Catherine the Great and Potemkin: the Imperial love story”.

The plot of the film tells us about the love story of Prince Potemkin and Catherine. As you know, the attention of the monarch tried to conquer many, but only Potemkin, who was younger than her, managed to do it.

Production of the film deals with Studio Universal. Other details of the project have not yet been disclosed.

Note that now Jolie has plenty to choose from. In addition to “Maleficent” and the movie “Catherine the Great and Potemkin: the Imperial love story”, Angelina could appear in the horror film “Bride of Frankenstein” and “Shoot like a girl” — the biography of Mary Jennings Hegar, major, U.S. air force, who served three tours in Afghanistan.