Анджелина Джоли не будет давить на детей в выборе профессии

Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie is determined to give her six children the freedom of choice when it comes to the profession, and certainly will not put pressure on them to make them movie stars.

The actress, who boasts a huge number of awards, it is sure that people should choose a job that is closer to his heart. Angelina promises that will support any choice of their children, if only their class has made them happy.
“Well, whatever her kids are acting, writing or working as a waitress, she’ll support their choice a hundred percent. She also constantly tells them how smart they are and unique and that they can be engaged in any business, because it is very talented. Its main goal is to teach them respect, courage, self-confidence, kindness and courage” — said the insider.
Angie also teaches them that the important thing for each man is his family and children that seems a bit strange on the background of Jolie’s desire to divorce her husband Brad pitt, father of her children.
Recall that Joliette together six children – three adopted and three blood. In September last year, Angie filed for divorce and accused Brad of domestic violence, however, these charges were dropped.