Angelina Jolie will become a mother for the seventh time

Анджелина Джоли станет матерью в седьмой раз American tabloid published a sensational news about the desire of Hollywood actress soon to adopt a baby. According to rumors, the star hopes that the child’s father will be her new partner.

Recently appeared information about the fact that Angelina Jolie launches the procedure for the adoption of another child. For the actress it will be the seventh child. According to a source, the star hopes the role of the father of the child will take on her new mysterious lover.

Rumors that Jolie wants to expand her family, go for a long time. However, her plan could not be realized because of the reluctance of husband brad pitt. The actor was adamantly against another child. He believed that the appearance of the baby in the family could have a negative impact on the education of other children. Brad explained his decision by the fact that the other heirs have given less attention of parents. After breaking up with pitt, Jolie has nothing to stop it, and since the actress began a relationship with a powerful businessman, according to some media reports, her decision became more solid.

“Angie’s always wanted another baby, but brad told her no. He believed that their family was complete, but Angelina was obsessed with due to the fact that once again wanted to adopt a child,” said the insider.

Recall that recently leaked rumors about a new novel by a Hollywood beauty with a mysterious British businessman. According to the insider, choice of actress is also a lot of time and effort gives charity work, his efforts are aimed at helping people in poor countries of Africa.

The actress does not confirm the news source on the possible adoption and prefer to keep silence about the new romance. Angelina is in no hurry to tell about what is happening in her personal life. After the breakup with pitt charming brunette has recorded several love Affairs: with Jared Leto, star of “50 shades of grey” Jamie Dornan and even Tom cruise.

Now Angelina and brad are in the stage of the divorce process, after which the actor hopes to share custody of their six children.